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Walk & Talk

Chillax in nature with a coach

Sandy Beach
Image by Noémi Macavei-Katócz
Walk & Talk

Do you feel stressed, tired and in need of a time-out?

What if you could just wind down, relax and spend Me-Time with a professional coach to talk to?


Taking time off from the busyness of life to spend time to refresh, recharge and rejuvenate can be healthy lifestyle which helps you to achieve work-life harmony and a coach to walk with you in your life journey


Arise and come away.

Enjoy life in the moment with nature and nurture

How does it work?

The 2-hour session begins with a time of quietening down and take a slow walk to enjoy time alone for yourself. Thereafter, your coach would walk through with you your experience and support you in the issue you would like to talk about. It could be about your work, relationships, career or anything that you want to do better in.

Pick a place
in nature

It could be a neighbourhood park, garden or beach where you can walk leisurely.

Space and time to soak into nature

Enjoy the natural environment and enjoy the beauty and serenity around you. Experience the peace within you when there is no performance needed.


Share with your coach what you would like to talk about that you need clarity and focus for achieving the right results

If you don’t take time away from the world around you,
you’re going to get pulled down by the world around you.

Erwin McManus



It was peaceful as I walk in the quiet nature. Even the steam of water helps me to ease everything in me. It was a refreshing experience as Susan was patient and kind


A very great experience with Susan during the walk.  She is a very friendly and approachable person to talk to

Lay See

The walk & talk is an avenue for us to take time out to refresh ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the city.   A time to enjoy the nature and find peace and quiet for both the physical and spiritual body.

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